Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tear You Apart: The Story of a Boy

I lied.

I said I loved her.

I mean, Damn! I've been waiting seventeen fucking years to get laid!

When I told her I'm pretty sure she started crying. I hate when she cries; I never know how to deal with it. I guess it means she believed me, because five minutes late she told me she was ready.

Fuck, I need to go clean out my car.


My car smelled like Mexican food. I was wearing one of those stripey button down shirts you get at the mall.

She was wearing a red dress that made her tits look epic. Dude, my cock was hard as a rock all night! Anyway, I took her down by the river. She said she wanted to talk, but, shit man, I wanted to fuck! I shoved my tongue down her throat to make her shut up.

We made out for a while before i started taking off her dress. I got down to my boxers to make her comfortable. When she was only in her bra, I started playing with her tits. It as kind of cold, so her nipples were hard. It felt wierd. It took me a while to undo her know how those things are.

After a while I got bored of feeling her boobs, so i decided it was time to go to third base. I stuck my hand into her panties. I felt around and tickled her clit for a second. After that I put my fingers into her cunt. it felt like really thick Jell-O. I played around with it for a while; she looked like she was enjoying it.

I asked her to grab my dick. she did

I asked her to blow me. The bitch said not tonight.

After finger banging her for a while I got a rubber out of my pants. I got naked and put it on like a pro. Before i put it on i asked her if I could just pull out; It's supposed to feel better. She said she could still get pregnant.

So anyway, it rocked when we finally started fucking. Her pussy was so tight! She was howling like a fucking wolf, dude! It didn't take me long to cum. I mean, it took some time, but with a cunt like that...I mean, fuck man! After it was done i threw my rubber into the woods.

I asked her how it was.


I am the man!

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